International Oil Field Chemistry Conference

Indian Oil & Gas Chemistry, Chemicals and Additives Conference 2019 (IOGCA 2019)

The 2nd edition of “Indian Oil & Gas Chemistry, Chemicals and Additives Conference 2019” took place in Ahmedabad on 16-17 September, in the very charming venue of Hotel Courtyard by Marriott.

The IOGCA 2019 conference is the 2nd conference in the sector of Oil & Gas Chemicals that have been organized by MatCorr. The previous one being held in Ahmedabad in 2018 was successful with a gathering of 200 participants. In the 2nd Edition, during two intense days of technical presentations, it was observed to have more fruitful and application-oriented discussions with the increased level of maturity that the Oil & Gas Chemicals community and its research have achieved over the past years. In IOGCA 2019 the level & number of participants increased significantly with a gathering of 260 participants along with a good number of visitors. But it was not only a question of numbers that made the conference so successful: it was the general enthusiasm that was constantly present during the 2 days conference as well as the level of engagement the delegates showed.

We would like to thank all the Dignities, Invited Guests, Speakers and participants, but also to the Branding Partners/ Exhibitors for having all contributed to a very successful outcome.

IOGCA 2019 Glimpses