International Oil Field Chemistry Conference

Eminent Speakers

Keynote & Other Important Talks: Technical Papers

  1. Petroleum Biotechnology: Microbes Rising to the Challenges of Oil Industry.
  2. Challenges and Expectations: Chemical Applications in Oil and Gas Drilling and Production.
  3. Learnings from Hard Core Experience of Oilfield Operations with Chemicals and Chemistry.
  4. Sustainable Refinery of Future.
  5. Chlorine Gas-Free In Situ Generation of ClO2 Biocide Augments Safety, Environment-Friendliness and Efficiency of Cooling Water Chemical Treatment: A Field Case Study of Oil and Gas Processing Plant.
  6. Enhancement of Boiler Maintenance and Safety by Adopting Synergy Between Laboratory & Field Practices - A Case Study Of Oil & Gas Processing Plant.
  7. Significance of Halogen in Crude Oil Refining and it’s Test Methods.
  8. Application of Anionic Surfactant as Solvent and well Stimulating Agent for Enhancing well Productivity: Case studies.
  9. Scope of Polymer Flooding as Secondary EOR Process and Limitations: Indian Prospectus.
  10. A Case Study of Wax Deposition Inhibition with High Wax Appearance Temperature.
  11. Spontaneous Emulsification Caused by Different Surfactants and Its Role in Low Temperature Demulsification of Crude Oil.
  12. Wettability Alteration Studies on Carbonate Rocks.
  13. Strategies for Low Temperature Demulsification of High Waxy and High Water Cut Crude Oil.
  14. Effect of Cooling Rate, Aging Time and Final Temperature on Yield Strength under Static Conditions on Crude Oil of M Field with and without PPD, Eastern Offshore, India.
  15. Effect of Electric Field on the Viscosity Reduction of High Waxy Crude Oil.
  16. Evaluation of Different Chemical Additives as Pour Point Depressants and Flow Improvers for Waxy Model Crude Oil.
  17. An Outlook into Upstream Division -Revolutionise the Oil and Gas Industry Solution with Nano Material.
  18. The Best Core Analysis Practices and Aids for Interpreting Core-flood Data.
  19. Feasibility of Under-Inhibited Mono-ethylene Glycol (MEG) Systems in Gas Hydrate Management: Application in Flow Assurance.
  20. Relation of Wax Crystal Morphology with the Wax Inhibiting Ability of a Polymer Based Additive.
  21.  Flow Restart Strategies for the Gelled Pipeline.
  22. A New Approach to Evaluate and Predict The Reservoir Performance of A Two-Phase Flow Coalbed Methane (CBM) Well Flowing Under Pressure-Dependent Diffusivity and Time-Dependent Desorption Conditions.
  23.  Software Program Development for Design and Formulation of Drilling and Completion fluids.
  24.  Response Surface Analysis of Viscosity and Elasticity of Polyacrylamide-brine Solutions for Fracturing Applications.
  25.  Bioremediation of Oily waste in North East ONGC for Restoration of Environment.
  26.  Application of Nanoparticles as Viscosity Reducing Agents (VRAs) for Extra-Heavy Crude Oil.
  27.  Performance Evaluation of Sarcosine as Green Low Dosage Hydrate Inhibitor Using Pressure and Temperature Data Analysis of Flow Loop Experiments.
  28.  Novel Terpolymer as Pour Point Depressants to Improve the Flowability of Western Onshore Crude Oil.
  29.  Application of Ionic Liquids in Oil Sludge Dissolution.
  30.  Emulsification of Heavy Crude Oil in Water for Pipeline Transportation – A Review.
  31.  Application of Blended recycled Polymer Waste with PPD from Natural Fatty Acid as Viscosity Reducer for the Crude Oil of Ahmedabad Asset.
  32.  Study of the Rheological and Filtration Properties of Polyethylene mine as Shale Inhibitor in Water Based Mud.
  33.  Developments in the Design of Polymeric Liquid Flow Improvers for Crude Oil.
  34.  Synergistic Effect of Demulsifier and Corrosion Inhibitor to Combat Internal Corrosion of Oil Pipelines.
  35.  Suitable Stimulation Technique for Injectivity Decline in Polymer Injector Wells – Case Study.
  36.  Process Safety, Asset Integrity & Reliability Improvement in CDUs.
  37.  Upgrading Alcohols with Iridium (III) Pyridylidene-Indole Catalyst.
  38.  Study of Improved Separation Efficiency of Broad Spectrum Demulsifier for Heera Crude Oil Emulsion.
  39.  A Study Based on Amine Based Drilling Fluids for the Water-Sensitive Formation.
  40.  Adsorptive Removal of Chloride Species from Refinery and Petrochemical Streams Using Modified Molecular Sieve Zeolite 13X.
  41.  Development of Economically Favourable Water-Based Drill-In Fluid Using Nano-Almond husk as a Fluid Loss Additive.
  42.  Sorption of CO2 and N2 on Mixed Metals Ion-Exchanged Zeolite-X: Structure, Cation Position, and Adsorption Relationship.
  43.  Maximize FCC Product Yields with a Multispecialty [HP] 2 Catalyst Formulation.
  44.  A Novel Antifouling Formulation for Refinery Preheat Exchangers.
  45.  A Superior LPG for Improved Cooking Performance, Reducing Fuel Consumption and Carbon Foot-Print.
  46.  A Superior LPG for Improved Performance in Outboard Engines: Towards a Green, Sustainable Future.
  47.  A Cost Effective and Novel Dewaxing Aid Polymer for Lube Refinery: A Make in India Product Development.
  48.  Multi-Functional Corrosion Inhibitor for LPG Pipelines.
  49.  Advanced Enzyme Systems for Various Oilfield Applications: Understanding Modified Enzyme Breaker Technologies Through Case Studies.
  50.  Development of Novel Solvent Cut Back Type Rust Preventive Oil: A Case Study.
  51.  Nanomaterials-Assisted Drilling Fluids for Application in Oil Fields – Challenges and Prospects.
  52.  Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas in the Gulf Countries.
  53.  K Model®: A Web-Based Software for Predicting Crude Compatibility and Optimization for Increasing Heavy Oil Processing.
  54.  BPMARRK ® : Real-time Crude Oil Assaying for Monitoring and Optimization of Crude Distillation Units.
  55.  Tribromide Catalysis - Dearomatisation of Petroleum Arene by-products to Fine Chemicals.
  56.  Improved Friction Reducer Performance in High TDS Brines.
  57.  Stable Novel Micro bubble Based Completion and Work over Fluid Solution for Depleted Reservoir.
  58.  Dropwise Condensation of Petroleum Fluids on Rationally Designed Ultra scalable Nanoengineered Surfaces.
  59.  Sustainability in Energy Production.
  60.  Chemical 4.0: Turning Vision into Reality.
  61.  Activated Alumina - Applications & Business Potential.
  62. Crude Oil Characterization & Correlations - Techniques for Crude Evaluation.
  63. Coal Gasification: A Moving Approach in India.
  64. Analysis of Poor Cement Bond in CBM Wells and Recommendation Thereof.
  65. Thermally Stable Cement Slurry for High Pressure Air Injection Wells in Western Field of India.
  66. Expanding Cement System to Improve Cement Bond and Well Integrity of Oil Well Cementations.
  67. Simultaneous Removal of NOX-Soot over A-Site and B-Site Substitution of K and Ni on LaFeo3 Perovskite Catalysts.
  68. Quantifying the Influence of Additives on the Rheological Behavior of SBS Modified Binders: Significance of Lower Angular Frequency.