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31st July 2019

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31st August 2019

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Welcome to 2nd Edition of Indian
Oil & Gas Chemistry, Chemicals and Additives Conference (IOGCA 2019)


Chemistry and Chemicals are integral part of upstream as well as downstream Oil & Gas Industry. They play a significant role in drilling, well completion, well stimulation, water shut off, flow assurance, crude oil demulsification, corrosion inhibition, effluent treatment, microbiological controls, injection water treatment, enhanced oil recovery etc. in upstream oil and gas drilling and production. In downstream processes, they play role in catalysis, lubricants and greases, additives, absorption and adsorption, cleaning systems, cracking and fuel technology, heat exchange systems, sludge handling, H2S scavenging, pipeline transportation, solvents, polymers, corrosion inhibition, effluent treatment, microbiological issues etc. Chemicals are used as an oxygen scavenger, corrosion inhibitor, biocide, demulsifier, surfactants in several operations, solvents, paraffin inhibitor and dispersant, pout point depressant, drag reducer, polyelectrolyte, defoamer, deoiler etc. A broad range of chemicals has been developed by researchers and service providers to meet the challenges and provide new avenues. Chemistry of crude oil and water plays an important role in most of these applications of chemicals and hence their detailed analysis and characterization will also form a part of the discussion of this conference.

This is the 2nd edition of the conference on Oilfield Chemistry. The 1st edition was “Indian Oilfield Chemistry Conference 2018” in Ahmedabad on 27–28 September 2018. The 1st edition was highly successful, 45 plus Speakers, 200 plus Delegates & 90 plus companies from various countries like USA, Russia, UK, Sweden, Australia, Malaysia etc were present along with many branding partners.

IOGCA 2019 will provide an ideal platform for end users, industry, researchers, chemical manufacturers and academic experts to share experiences in managing the challenges that can be handled by chemicals and chemistry. This two day event will create opportunities for discussing and sharing new experiences in all aspects of chemicals and chemistry and is designed for industry professionals involved or interested in solutions for various challenges in Oil and Gas production, processing, handling and value addition through chemicals and chemistry.

Benefits to attend IOFC

The conference will
•   Enable surpass conventional wisdom by leveraging chemical technologies
•   Inspire by sharing ideas while connecting chemists across the industry
•   Transform new chemists in the field into valuable chemists by sharing ideas

The other benefits that will accrue from this conference for the individuals and companies are:
• Enhance your knowledge through interaction with industry experts
• Understand field experiences through case studies
• Update yourself with the new developments & applications
• Extend your learning
• Learn about the new generation of chemical solutions
• Learn to select the optimum chemical solution for your field

The platform will also provide a platform for the chemical manufacturers and solution providers to display their innovative products and skills to a large number of participants.



Convenor &                       Chief Technical


Dr. Anil Bhardwaj
Convenor & Chief of Technical Committee,  IOGCA 2019
Ex-Group GM (Chemistry), ONGC

Past Participating Companies





 Invitation for Abstract Submission: 

Scientists, engineers, chemists, chemical manufacturers and all other relevant persons involved in one or other way in oil field chemical uses and application are invited for technical paper presentation. Abstracts will be evaluated based on relevance, uniqueness/originality, technical content, and clarity. Authors are requested to submit abstracts not exceeding 500 words as per the guidelines through email.

Email Id:,

 Guidelines for Abstract Submission: 

Title: Times New Roman; 14 Font, Bold
Author: Times New Roman; 12 Font, Bold
Affiliations: Times New Roman; 11 Font, Bold, Italic
Abstract: Times New Roman; 12 Font, 300 – 500 words
Keywords: Times New Roman; 11 Font, Bold, Italic, 3-4 max. Number of keywords

Conference Registration Fee:

+ 18% GST will be applicable in case of INR Fees.

Corporate Discount
10% additional discount if 3 & above nos. of delegates participate from the same organization.

Event Schedule at a Glance:

Date: 16-17 September 2019
Venue: Courtyard by Marriott, Ahmedabad

Technical Agenda & Topics to be covered:

The technical programme will cover, but not limited to the following topics:

•    Crude Oil Characterization and correlation
•    Water Chemistry analysis and correlation
•    Drilling Fluid Chemicals & additives
•    CBM Drilling & Production
•    Scale removal, Scale inhibitor and Corrosion inhibitors
•    Demulsifiers for high viscosity crude oils and low-temperature application
•    High Temperature, High-Pressure Completion Fluids
•    Solvents for different applications
•    Surfactants for stimulation
•    Coagulants / flocculants
•    Water Injection chemicals
•    Cementing Plasticizers
•    Phosphorus specialties and derivatives
•    Soda ash and derivatives
•    Biodegradable Oilfield Chemicals
•    Applications of Nano-technology
•    Paraffin inhibitors
•    Pour Point Depressant
•    Wax Dispersants
•    Drag reducers
•    Surfactants for EOR
•    Polymer for EOR
•    Water shut off chemicals
•    Polyelectrolyte
•    Deoiler
•    Gas Hydrate Inhibitors
•    MIC & Biocides
•    Challenges of ASP process
•    MEOR
•    Specialty Chemicals
•    Specialty Amines
•    Additives for refined products
•    Lubricants
•    Greases
•    Solvents
•    Polymers

who should attend?

  • Process
  • Field engineers
  • Microbiologists
  • Universities & Researchers
  • Chemical Traders
  • Production chemists
  • Oil & Gas Production
  • Refineries & Petrochemicals
  • Chemical Manufacturers
  • Laboratory/testing specialists
  • Design & Operation Engineers
  • Pipeline Managers and Operators
  • Corrosion & Asset Integrity Professionals
  • Software specialists for oil field problem prediction and management

Topics of the Selected Abstracts to be Presented in IOGCA 2019 - Upstream, Midstream and Downstream

  1. Flow Improvers in Crude Oils Originating in India- An Overview
  2. Delaying the Onset of Asphaltene Precipitation Using Asphaltene Inhibitors Gemini surfactant-based chemical displacing fluids for application in enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
  3. Application of Thermally Activated Polymer for Various Drilling Complications
  4. Societal Risk Assessment of a Major LPG Release Incident from an LPG Rail Wagon
  5. The behavior of Asphaltene Molecules at Rock-Oil and Oil-Water Interface
  6. Diesel Fuel Demand and it’s Challenges in India
  7. Failure Trails of Cement Plug Jobs Leads to Challenge of Effective NDDF Removal, Optimization of  WOC & Reduction in NPT-A Case History
  8. Water and Waste Water Management in Drilling – Success with Mix of Application
  9. PolyacryloylHydrazide-Tannic Acid Synergy for Enhancing the Stability and Redispersibility of O/W Pickering Emulsion
  10. Study the Effect of Naturally Derived Products on Asphaltene Solubilisation in Petroleum Reservoir Rock
  11. Application of Nanotechnology in Cementing HPHT Oil & Gas Wells
  12. Synergistic Effect of Nanoparticles on Stability, Morphology, and Rheology of  Foam Based Fracturing Fluids for Unconventional Reservoirs
  13. Tribo-Evaluation of Amino Acid Ionic Liquids as Lubricant Additives for Steel-Steel Contacts
  14. Speciality Chemicals Usage  in the Crude Oil Refinery and Oil Fields and its Related R&D and  Application Tests in Laboratory
  15. Robust Design for Cement Degradation in CO2 under HPHT Environment
  16. Novel Formulations for Improved Dispersion Stability and Rheological Properties of Silica Nanofluid for High Salinity Applications
  17. Polymeric Surfactant Stabilized Nanoemulsion Property Investigation for Enhanced Oil Recovery
  18. Effects of Nano-Sized Metals on Viscosity Reduction of Heavy Oil in Indian Oil Field
  19. Application of Solvents for Use in Different Way
  20. Automation of the CPSTL Laboratory Operations via the SAP ERP System.
  21. Integrity of City Gas Distribution in Hilly Regions
  22. Trend Analysis of Heavy Metals, Ni and Pb, in Marine Sediments
  23. Application of Low Salinity Water Flooding: Effect of  Dilution on Sea Water in Carbonate Reservoirs
  24. Mitigation of Mercaptan Induced Odour from Crude Oil – A Case Study
  25. Rheology and Microstructure Behaviors of Zwitterionic-Anionic Surfactant Based Fracturing Fluids
  26. Effect of Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquid on Interfacial and Wettability Alteration Behavior for Application In Enhanced Oil Recovery
  27. Adsorption Analysis of Synthesized Natural Surfactant for Enhanced Oil Recovery
  28. Identification of Suitable Chemical for Loss Control During Workover Operations in Depleted Reservoirs
  29. Choking of Well Fluid Heaters: A Remedial Inorganic Scale Treatment.
  30. New Method of  Produce Sand Treatment
  31. Influence of Guar Gum and BN Nanoparticles on Rheology of Drilling Fluid for Hydrate-Bearing Sediments
  32. Silane Coated Silica Nanoparticles as an Additive for Water-Based Drilling Fluid
  33. Importance of Controlling Fluid Loss & Settling Behaviour of Weighted Spacers in HPHT Conditions
  34. Synthesis of Newly Developed Re-Assembling, Self-Healing Nanocomposite PPG (R-PPG) For Permeability Modification in Heterogeneous Reservoirs
  35. Inhibition Effect of Salts CaCO3 and MgCO3 on the Kinetics of Methane Hydrates
  36. The Need of Rheological Characterization of Bitumen in Current Scenario
  37. Solutions to the Carryover Issues in LPG Treating Units: A Case Study
  38. Advances in Flow Assurance Management of Petroleum
  39. Crude Oil Flow Assurance Water Base Surfactant
  40. Experimental Investigation of Zwitterionic Surfactant for Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery in Sandstone and Carbonate Reservoirs
  41. Model Wax Solutions for Screening Pour Point Depressant Additives
  42. The Correlation Between Interfacial Elasticity & Droplet Coalescence by the Addition of Demulsifiers to Crude Oil Emulsions
  43. Monitoring of Marine Environment by ABC (Abundance-Biomass Curve) Analysis - A Case Study on Eastern Offshore area of Bay of Bengal
  44. Linear and Poly Alpha Olefins: Precursors to Synthetic Lubricants
  45. Compatibility Study of Various Natural Sourcesgas Impurities with Debris/Corrosion Product of Various Line Sections in NG pipe Lineshas Examined by XRD Tool Which Enhance a Precise Forecast on the Safety & Integrity of the Pipe Line
  46. Green Corrosion Inhibitor for Biofuels Blended Gasoline and Diesel: A Quality Control Viewpoint
  47. Development of a 100% Bio-Based Asphaltene Dispersant for Subsea Use
  48. Gemini Surfactant-Based Chemical Displacing Fluids for Application in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
  49. Kinetic Study of Exothermic Reaction Mixture for Paraffin Removal
  50. Amine Functionality Based Polymeric Additives for HPHT Fluid Loss Reduction.
  51. Rheological Study of Slickwater Fluid Systems Consisting of High-Vis Friction Reducers Additives for Hydraulic Fracturing Applications
  52. Carbon Capture using Industrial Hydroxides for EOR- Opportunities, Challenges and the Way Ahead
  53. Characterization of Silica-Based Nanofluids for Enhanced Oil Recovery
  54. The Influence of Inhibitors on Wax Crystal Growth A Practical Design of Experiments
  55. Synthesis, Characterization and Performance Studies of Grafted Copolymer Gel System for Profile Modification Job in a High Water Cut Reservoirs
  56. Cracking of Crude Oil Storage Tank Sludge using variously modified Zeolites
  57. Effect of Reservoir Minerals and Fluids on Alkali Transport


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